I am both heartened and more than a little upset about how many people have experienced loss. Facebook, of course, “suggests” friends for us, usually when we have one or more mutual friends. In my “Suggestions” box, I started sending friend requests to every person I had a number of widow/widower friends in common with. I kept clicking, and clicking. And more kept coming, and coming. 13 friends in common. 19 friends in common. 23 friends in common. I kept sending requests, determined to exhaust Facebook’s supply of widows and widowers. But they kept coming. Finally, I am now down to friends of friends from my professional life. For now. Once my new requests get accepted, there will be another wave, and another, and another.

On the one hand, it is wonderful we are all here, helping each other. I feel so grateful for that every day. But on the other, the sheer numbers, the endlessness of more and more hurting, shattered, rebuilding people… It’s just very sad. All that pain and sorrow and loss. Hugs to all of us. Every one.

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