Since Facebook does not allow images wider than a 3:1 aspect ratio (why?), it seemed natural to post this image here. I took these images during the Saturday night gala during Camp Widow 2011, then stitched them together using the open-source program Hugin.

(Click and drag to pan the image; click to open full-size.)

So many awesome widowed people, all in the same room!

4 Responses to “Camp Widow Panorama”

  1. Kim Go says:

    Love it – I am so far in the back corner you will never see me lurking.

    It was so great to meet Ella finally and get to chat with you again. Wish I could have caught the infamous Sam.

    Big Love, Pappa!

    • Jay says:

      I don’t think I ever saw you that night–I got there late and was looking for a place to sit! My brain is still fogged but soon I want to collect some of my post-camp thoughts and talk to you about workshop ideas! <3

  2. Patrick Moore (aka NMWidower) says:

    Jay, Cool photo. Glad you could go to Camp Widow. What a journey in life widowhood is. Both incredibly painful and for me at least very transformational. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in blog form…

    • Jay says:

      Thanks, Patrick! Wow, “painful and very transformational”–doesn’t THAT just sum it up perfectly! Thank you for reading!

      If you are considering going to Camp, I whole-heartedly recommend it. There is something “transformational” (ha) about being in a room with almost 300 people who ALL “get it.” We’ve all had different journeys, to be sure, but that common bond and shared experience is… amazing. I may have hundreds of widow-friends on Facebook, but getting to meet so many of them in one place at one time, wow.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting!

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