Fighting a very strong urge to call out some revisionist history on behalf of some former colleagues about a place I used to work. It’s all very “kumbya” despite the fact that various members of the management team were rageaholics, backstabbers, conspired to defraud clients and were generally bat-shit crazy (when they weren’t just being run of the mill nasty and incompetent). Plus there’s the fact that when their shit caught up with them and they lost a bunch of clients, they fired all the experienced people who had built the business (except the principles, of course) and hired a bunch of inexperienced folks to take their place at slave wages. They then bragged about it in the local press right before selling out to a public company and walking away with the cash.

Why would anyone idolize a place like that? Ignorance of the dirty truth? Whipped puppy syndrome? The abused defending the abuser? I honestly don’t get it.