Ella (crying): “I don’t like this family without Mom in it!”

Me (crying): “Ella, I don’t like not having Mom in this family, either.”

Last night Sam couldn’t sleep; this morning he fell asleep sitting up on the couch, then went back to bed and slept until 1 pm.

When Sam and I picked Ella up from school, she said she had had a great day; when we suggested McDonald’s Playplace, she was thrilled. But when it was time to go, she had a huge fit and climbed into the farthest corner of the play structure and refused to come down. I had to climb up there, “escort” her down, put on her shoes, etc., all while she was in full melt-down mode.

Sam was a jewel and tried everything he could think of to persuade/bribe her into compliance but with no success. In the car she refused to wear her seat belt over her shoulder, and once home would not get out of the car.

My Parenting Manual needs an addendum. Can I please download that as a pdf?


My mom's house, when there was snow.

No, not the Genesis album widely regarded as the beginning of their transition from progressive rock icons to pop-drecksters (though in the interest of full disclosure I did see them on that tour and thought they were fabulous).

Today the kids and I visited my mom. She lives in a cabin-like house, surrounded by forest on three sides and the Nehalem River on the other, just outside of Vernonia, Oregon. Vernonia is best known as a former logging community in the Coast Range which has had 2 “500 year” floods within 11 years, in 1996 and 2007. Both times the waters reached my mom’s deck, but did not enter or damage the house.

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