The streetcar let me out on NW Northrup at 22nd. Crossing NW 23rd on the right I noticed there were row houses where there used to be a pretty big surface parking lot. Wonder how many acres of the countryside would not now be suburbs if we had done that to every parking lot in town. Across the street was where the members of R-Complex lived, painted blue now. When it was white they set up a control room with my old mixing board (which I still have) and Josh’s Tascam 8-track (which Julie and I bought from him years later and also still have). I remember recording Randy’s vocals for Fifth Quarter’s tape, when he improvised a second harmony part on the spot and we kept it all, including him tuning up his voice(s) before the song started. Too bad he could never remember the words later! (That’s OK, Randy. Your awesome work with Ed and the Boats and so many others have more than redeemed you!)

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